Facts about the use of land in Chile

Vegetable Production on land in Chile is not as competitive as fruit production, due to high operating cost (high cost of machines and fertilizers).
Vegetables and cereals can be produced more economically in other regions of the world, and Chile even imports some of its grain demand.
The fruit production on land in Chile, on the other hand, is competitive, as some parts of Chile offer excellent conditions for their growth.

The regions in the middle of Chile, Region VI (O¨Higgins), the Metropolitan Region and Region V (Valparaiso) make up almost two thirds of the total Fruit Production on land in Chile.
Abundant sunshine combines here with a steady water-supply from the Andes in the Region.

The following table shows the average price of 1 hectar of land in the most important agricultural regions of land in Chile.

Region in Chile Average price in USD /ha*
III Atacama $ 12.903
IV Coquimbo $ 9.527
V Valparaiso $ 25.556
XIII Metropolitana $ 31.074
VI OHiggins $ 17.661
VII Maule $ 8.351
VIII Bio Bio $ 8.215
IX Araucania $ 8.717
XIV Los Rios $ 11.272
X Los Lagos $ 8.762

*Source: Odepa 2010. Exchange Rate applied: 1 USD = 470 CHP. 1 U.F.= 21.449 CHP

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Usage and price of land in chile